And is it not logical to place once again the responsibilities where they are, that is, in social and political conception, education?

We show precisely, in practice, the official theories contradict the very principles of sound scientific pedagogy. And educators, it is this teaching that we want to implement and overcome unless fascism avowed or latent put us in the tragic forced to choose between the new pedagogy or remunerated function by diet jealous of his prerogatives.

The bourgeoisie is not it wrong: it has knowingly supported the recent reactionary attacks against our techniques, and the emphatic declarations of the Minister suggests that the government intends to act violently against teachers who, on behalf of their educational awareness, fighting for the release of the common people. *** THE CAPITALIST DENOUNCE DESIGN OF POPULAR EDUCATION. In the eyes of profiteers, big or small, the regime, we appear as revolutionary mostly because we refused to participate in the great social lie of education under capitalism.

If we are certainly happy to theoretically consider the methods by itself, if we speak of teachers in education supposedly scientists seeking to study the facts in their absolute: if one compares well abstractly and exclusively in his scholastic intelligence practices of today ‘ hui teaching there half a century, a material change in effect we see that the regime is happy to boast. But what are the methods if not the means to an end which is to raise individuals to train men.

Capitalist official school she raised individuals, she has improved the intellectual and moral conditions of the great masses? Alas! It is not difficult to be more skeptical when we saw the educational efforts of the generation before we arrive at the carnage of 1914 and the great scam that followed; when considering the degradation perhaps unprecedented not only the bourgeoisie but also, alas! all those it enslaved and contaminated.

We built schools, advanced materials, invented methods, improved technology, and the aim seems remote even to the moral degradation and the sluggishness of impotent and skewed adolescence. There is, for the moralist el sociologist and educator for too — a serious problem to solve and whose conformist scholars persist in not seeking real solutions. Shyness and bias, it insists on searching in the current life of the school, the causes of educational failure.

Seeing the danger, our masters preach to us charitably: You have a sacred trust … Your task is not to mingle with the political or social struggle … your field is the school, you must confine it .. . this is one geometry homework answers
of the biggest flaws of the capitalist conception of popular education: pretend, for selfish purpose, isolate the school from all social and political facts that condition or annihilate the scope is s’ associate with a more formidable lies of our time.

So try to persuade a mason him that no matter the consistency of the ground on which it is built, or the quality of the materials used, or the need to cover the building to protect it from the weather? More logical, more humane educators, the mason would rebel against the design and work organization also face obviously elementary common sense and social necessity of giving the effort normal efficiency that is at the both reason and purpose.

Following his example, the teacher should imbibe the idea that the school as it is understood today is only a small cog in the large and complex training function — or strain — individuals . Some key questions should always be present in his mind: the child that is responsible for educating is it prepared by his physiological and psychological state? Has he slept in a properly ventilated room is it normally fed and carefully? Can he play outside of school?

Is he , his family, favorable to its changing environment? If not, and, therefore, its educational efforts are in advance doomed to failure, who is responsible and how can we overcome this state of affairs for the childish environment is finally favorable to action educators?

Alas! we do not take that the teacher exercised in that sense its logic because the responsibility is evident in our popular schools unemployment, slums, undernourished, nervousness, tuberculosis, disability, abnormality are the fruits of our operating system and disappear with the establishment of a socialist society. The pushing and educational activities to its normal limits, becomes necessarily social action or political action.

The school premises, heating, food in canteens, schedule organization of studies are still decisive direct our educational success. If, as is particularly seen in the this critical period of «financial recovery» school building for credit are removed, if under the pretext of revising the school map, is brought to an excessive figure the size of our classes in the authoritarian discipline which necessarily becomes the dominant concern of educators; If, therefore, any serious work becomes impossible, that charge?

And is it not logical to place once again the responsibilities where they are, that is, in social and political conception, education? How to react if not by intervening in social, political union el?

And when abnormally isolated educator in her class considers the heartbreaking results of its efforts, is not it natural that he also deplores the anti-education peri and post-school which, in our society, opposes constantly our humble but honest educational efforts: filthy press, cinema exclusively flattering base instincts, commercialized sport, winner degree of perversion in degree all the healthy elements? And is it not our duty to denounce this conscious sabotage our educational efforts and to double these social action, union or political likely to positively change this situation?

We blame are we to mix well, dangerously, politics or trade unionism in education? As if it was us who proceed to the mix and it should not surprise instead of the anti-scientific attitude of those who are trying to isolate a complex social abnormally that education of all school recitals to determine the methods, pace and evolution.

Our role is always to look with sincerity and loyalty issues that face us, to open our eyes, to show the educational need for social and political action, and based on this reality, on this truth, giving educators to new possibilities for action and reasons for hope. By clarifying this share — and that never at any time, an act of political supporter we tend to make all convinced educator of the need to struggle for emancipation — and whatever further his political beliefs — a man capable to consider healthy and living in their synthesis, the social facts which it is mixed, recognize and, with safety, the real enemies of the popular school and the new pedagogy, to stand up against anti educational system we suffer and to become, in the best of its ability, a conscious worker of proletarian education in the future socialist society.

OUR TECHNOLOGY CAN AND SHOULD IN ENTERING U.R.S.S. ? Our revolutionary action, we see, we carry openly, because it is ultimately the honest and integral educational action. We did not bother to see if it met any political league, which itself is another area that we will not examine. So we do not know how the leader of the Party U.R. S.S. approves our effort.

But we are so sure of psychological, educational and social foundations of our technique, we are so confident of being right that we can not move us when we charitably comrades say — but your methods currently are not possible in Soviet Russia. There, it is not at all academic freedom, but a dictatorship dominated for now by the need to defend the proletarian homeland against attacks of the international bourgeoisie …

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